Sacred Feminine


This Sacred Feminine Healing Meditation Course was channelled by spirit to myself and some friends with the request that I publish it on a special Web Site so that it may be freely available to anyone who has a sincere desire to improve their life experience.   The lessons are free of charge and are completely anonymous.   As with all things spiritual, there are no guarantees.   I warmly invite you to find out for yourself if this Course is of any help to you in your journey to the Light.

                                                        Love, Light and Best Wishes from Sarah.

3 Ways

Three Ways to Listen

When you listen to someone or participate in an Instruction Course, you have Three Ways you can do it:

Stand back and watch your reactions, ask yourself why you react, and in this way you will get to the heart of the matter.


This applies to the contents of this Course.  Take on board only that which feels right for you.  Leave the rest on the shelf.  You may come back to it later, or you may not, it does not really matter.  What matters is that you continue your own individual search.


You will discover aspects of yourself you've never been aware of, which will enrich your daily life.

1.  You can believe Everything.

2.  You can believe Nothing.

3.  You can Keep an Open Mind.


Sarah Glasson