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Sacred Feminine Healing

This is a "Channelled" Self Healing and Self Awareness Course.

The Source of this work could best be described as "The Sacred Feminine Energies of the Universe".

These High Spiritual Energies have come forward at this critical time in Planet Earth's history to start a much needed

and highly overdue healing of the Feminine Aspects  of Earth Humanity.

Is something Missing in your Life?

Have you always known in your inner heart that there is something you really have to do in your life that can have a positive

influence on this poor old struggling world you live in?

Have you been unsuccessful in most things you have ever tried?  Are you locked into a never ending pattern of  self-sabotage?

Your Inner Self

This Sacred Feminine Healing course has been designed to help you find that inner part of you.  You will be helped to reach

that stage where you can aspire to, and search out the most deep and inner parts of yourself.

You will seek out, and find, that central core, that secret inner part of yourself.  

You will become one with the Real You.  You will be able to Centre yourself, and to enter your deepest levels of being, that

Inner Part of yourself, that Deep Inner Part of You.

You will become able to enter your Inner Levels of Being and use them for any positive purpose you may desire.

Your Journey

You will find this course is intensely personal and private, and should be carried out in the security and privacy of your home.

This Course is Absolutely Confidential, Private and completely free.

This course will only be as effective as the dedication and effort you put into it.  Garbage in  -  garbage out.

There are very powerful Healing and Instructional Energies encapsulated into the words and diagrams of this course.

Please take the time to absorb and integrate these Energies into the very depths of yourself.

You are assured of our continuous and constant unconditional love, healing and support at all times.

As with all healing work, there are no absolute guarantees it will work for you.  We can only leave you with the thought

that the more you put into it - the more will you get out of it.

Much Love and Best Wishes from the Sacred Feminine Energies


A Spiritual Gift


Sample Sacred Healing Meditation